Coaching programs

I am trained in several different small business and professional coaching programs. During our sessions I listen for hidden patterns and ideas that are restricting your professional and personal growth. Once these old patterns are uncovered, together we strategize new ways of approaching challenges to help you move forward. We work together to take your idea or goal and run with it.



As a Certified Visual Coach® I have been trained by Christina Merkley, pioneering Visual Coach and creator of The SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process®.

SHIFT-IT® is a unique coaching experience that expertly employs 17 visual maps to guide you through the powerful process of SHIFTing your work and/or life.

The seven modules for the process are:

1. Satisfaction Interrupted
2. Harvest Your History
3. Investigate Your Now
4. Focus on Your Future
5. Trouble at the Border
6. Ink It, Don’t Just Think It
7. Take Action


Law of Being

This is a 16-week program designed to help you tap into your unlimited potential. It shows you how to get more of what you want out of life by teaching you how to manifest what you want, and helping you raise your consciousness.

The Law of Being Coaching Program is an iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) Program to be used only by Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioners. Web copy used by permission. No reproduction or retransmission is permitted without expressed written consent of Bruce D Schneider and iPEC.

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Energy Leadership

Core Energy Coaching begins with a simple premise: All people are continually experiencing energy, in one of two ways: catabolic or anabolic energy. Anabolic energy is constructive, expanding, fueling, and creative, and works for a person. Conversely, catabolic energy is destructive, draining, or resisting and works against a person. The type of energy we experience fluctuates throughout the day and inside of situations. However, because of our attitude and the way we interpret our life experiences, we wind up experiencing the same type of energy over and over again

The ELI is a 70-item, web-based assessment that leads people through rating themselves on their beliefs, self-perceptions, emotional reaction tendencies, and behavior patterns. The questionnaire is designed to measure the amount of anabolic and catabolic energy in a person’s core energy makeup, under both ideal and stressful circumstances. The more a person can reduce catabolic energy and increase anabolic energy, the higher their core energy will be.